Mauro Augugliaro – DJ Set

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Argentine producer Mauro Augugliaro joins us for a livestream DJ set following the release of Anjunadeep Explorations 21.

Anjunadeep’s Explorations EP series returns for its twenty-first instalment, this time curated by Above & Beyond’s Tony McGuinness. A showcase of fresh talent from the global electronica scene, the EP features new music from Nohan, RIGOONI, Integral Bread, Mauro Augugliaro and a fresh remix from Ramiro Drisdale.

Kicking off the compilation is ‘All I Need’ from Milan-based DJ and producer Nohan. With previous releases on All Day I Dream, Crosstown Rebels and Hoomidaas, Nohan’s latest features an emotive vocal lead and syncopated arps.

Following his label debut on Anjunadeep Explorations 20, Buenos Aires-based producer Ramiro Drisdale returns to Anjunadeep with his remix of Davide Ferraro’s ‘Jewel Ice’. Leading with percussive laden grooves and delicate chords, Ramiro demonstrates why he’s released on labels including All Day I Dream, TRYBESof and The Soundgarden.

Next up, RIGOONI delivers his serene track ‘The Day I Reframed The Moon’, featuring polyrhythmic melodies and warm pads. He joined the label family in 2021, appearing on Anjunadeep Explorations 17, and has since gone on to release on Kindisch, Stripped Digital and Proton Music, as well as recently performing at Anjunadeep’s label showcase in Brazil.

Spanish DJ and producer Integral Bread marks his Anjunadeep debut with ‘Quantum Love’. Following a successful career in the industry spanning over two decades, Integral bread regularly releases on Univack Records and has garnered support from Nora En Pure, Daren Epsilon and HANA.

Also marking his first release on the label, Argentine producer Mauro Augugliaro rounds of the compilation with ‘Ethereal Memories’. Utilising an array of percussion and a deep bass, Mauro’s latest follows on from releases on Sudbeat, Or Two Strangers and Stellar Fountain.

Release date: 4th November 2022

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