Moon Boots and Nic Hanson strip back their new single ‘Take Me To Your Body’ 🎹 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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A funk-laden bop with a slower BPM, ’Take Me To Your Body’ is reminiscent of balearic and Italo-disco styles in its warm chords and airy staccato synths. Moon Boots shines through the playfulness of the arrangement, which is elevated by Hanson’s delivery of the flirtatious lyrics; “All I want is to feel / The kind of loving that’s for real / So baby let me whisper in your ear”.

Release date: 18/11/22

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Music Festivals – Fun Facts About Music Festivals

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A music festival is an event held at a certain time of the year, usually outdoors. It is a community event that features music performances, often with a focus on local musicians. Music festivals can also be themed around a holiday, holiday tradition, or nationality. Some festivals offer scholarships or other types of recognition to artists and musicians. These events are usually more structured than spontaneous forms of music festivity.

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Some music festivals have a large amount of quality live acts. They are a great way to build a fan base and learn more about the music industry. Some festivals are one-time events while others are annual.

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