Moon Boots feat. Cherry Glazerr – Come Back Around (Liam Fitzgerald Remix)

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Moon Boots’ ‘Come Back Around’, featuring Cherry Glazerr, receives two remixes from Romain Garcia and Liam Fitzgerald. ‘Come Back Around’ is taken from Moon Boots’ recently released third studio album ‘Ride Away’, and has accumulated over 1.5million streams across DSPs so far, as well racking up 94 spins on SiriusXM after being playlisted on ‘Diplo’s Revolution’ and ‘BPM’. The track features the vocals of Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr, a rock band championed by Pitchfork, NME and Rolling Stone to name a few.

Following his 2020 debut release, ‘Cappadocia’, a collaboration with Ben Böhmer on Cercle Records, which has accrued over 17million streams on Spotify alone, Romain Garcia has confirmed he’s “one of the key names in the current melodic house scene” (DJ Mag). Romain has released two EPs via Anjunadeep since then that have received widespread support including from BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM and SiriusXM, on which lead single ‘Before You Go’ was one of the most played tracks of 2022. His remix of ‘Come Back Around’ sees his trademark uplifting synths recontextualise Creevy’s vocals as a melodic house anthem.

The new package unites this remix with a fresh take on ‘Come Back Around’ from Mexican born and raised DJ and producer Liam Fitzgerald, who offers up a uniquely dubbed-out and percussion-laden medley.‘Come Back Around (The Remixes)’ is out May 5 on Anjunadeep.

Release date: 5 May 2023

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