Moon Boots – Ride Away feat. Steven Klavier

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Moon Boots hits the ground running in 2023 with ‘Ride Away’, another funk-laden gem from his forthcoming album of the same name. The titular single lands January 13 via independent label Anjunadeep alongside the exciting announcement of a brand new live tour in 2023.

The single features multifaceted songwriter, producer and vocalist Steven Klavier. A longtime collaborator, Klavier paired up with Moon Boots on the 2019 single ’Tied Up’, and 2022’s ‘Come Back Around’ with Cherry Glazerr. On ‘Ride Away’, the pair present a bouncy slice of synth-pop with cosmic flair themed around an enticing journey of escapism; “Let’s take a trip / Forget what we’re used to / No hesitating / I’ll ride away with you. The world is changing / We’re gonna make it through / Full speed baby / I’ll ride away with you.” Beaming about the release of the fourth album single, Pete says “many people know Steven as a booker, promoter and all-around key figure in the NYC nightlife world — particularly in the Queer / LGBT scene — but he’s also a gifted songwriter, an incredible singer and always a joy to be around. I also just love the message of this song. We were totally on the same page to make something that felt affirming and uplifting but still adventurous.”

‘Ride Away’ follows last year’s singles ‘Take Me To Your Body’ with Nic Hanson, ‘Hot Minute’ with Black Gatsby, and ‘Come Back Around’ with indie darling Cherry Glazerr. Effervescent and funky in true Moon Boots style, the singles have seen extensive support with ‘Come Back Around’ named ‘Coldest Record’ on BBC Radio 1, and pickup from KEXP, Triple J, SiriusXM, Billboard Dance, Brooklyn Vegan, Magnetic Mag and This Song Is Sick, to name a few.

The album ‘Ride Away’ follows in the footsteps of Moon Boots’s debut ‘First Landing’ (2017) and sophomore album ‘Bimini Road’ (2019). With an impressive catalogue atypical of the dance world, Dougherty’s third album represents both his tenacity and evolution as a producer and songwriter. The writing process was met with many difficult but rewarding experiences; creative bursts were balanced with instances of anxiety and self-doubt, yet Dougherty found the music writing process invigorating and cites his wife’s continual support and incoming firstborn daughter as encouraging him to move forward. Of course, more time in the studio allowed Dougherty to experiment with new creative processes (and mind-altering methods) over the course of the album’s formation:

“Creating my new album Ride Away helped keep me going through unsteady times and joyous times. This album is about love and connection and being there for each other. My intention is for people to feel free when they hear this album, to get recharged, to be stimulated by something they’ve never heard before.”

Featuring a swathe of colourful vocalists including the likes of Cherry Glazerr, Dope Earth Alien, and Nic Hanson, ‘Ride Away’ celebrates Dougherty’s longstanding affinity for collaboration, fun effervescent songwriting, and dance-focused production. Other international artists on the album include French singer Praa and Norwegian band Ora The Molecule, whilst longtime collaborators Ross Clark (St. Lucia) and Steven Klavier feature as writers and instrumentalists on the record, rounding out a global ensemble of incredible talent.

Having accrued well over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, and having been championed by the likes of Annie Mac, Diplo, Danny Howard, and The Blessed Madonna, Moon Boots has established himself as a trailblazer of R&B-infused dance music.

Release date: 13 January 2023

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