Moon Boots – Ride Away (Remixed) [Continuous Mix]

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Earlier this year, Moon Boots released his highly acclaimed third studio album titled ‘Ride Away’. Showcasing his soulful house style, the album garnered praise from Billboard magazine, debuted at #12 on NACC’s Top Electronic chart, and received support on Diplo’s Revolution and BPM on SiriusXM.

Building on the success of two exceptional remixes of ‘Come Back Around’, Moon Boots now presents the complete ‘Ride Away’ (Remixed) album, featuring fresh remixes by talented artists including Loods, Kareem Ali, Demuir and Öona Dahl.

The first of the new remixes comes from Australian producer Loods who delivers a driving house inspired rework of ‘Ride Away’. With releases on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs label, Patrick Topping’s Trick Label and Club Sweat, Loods has gained support from Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Jeremiah Asiamah on BBC Radio 1, most recently with his chart topping collaboration ‘Love Is Real’ with Mall Grab.

Next up is American producer and DJ Kareem Ali, who offers his remix of ‘Hot Minute’ (feat. Black Gatsby). Kareem has received acclaim for his notable works including his ‘Growth’ LP and remixes for Tom VR and Febueder. Rolling Stone and Bandcamp Daily have praised his talent, and his tracks have been played by renowned artists like Four Tet, Pete Tong, Bicep, and Caribou.

Canadian producer Demuir presents two fresh remixes of ‘Take Me To Your Body’ – Demuir’s Playboi Edit and Demuir’s Rhodes Street Edit. Showcasing his diverse house style, each remix incorporates Nic Hanson’s captivating vocals and explores deep basslines and soulful beats, respectively.

‘Hot Minute’ receives another remix, this time from Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Jacques Renault. Known for his releases on labels such as HE.SHE.THEY, Permanent Vacation, and his own imprint Let’s Play House, Jacques delivers a disco-inspired rework of the original.

Öona Dahl returns to Anjunadeep with her “Wonky Note Remix” of ‘Wrong Note’, featuring Ora The Molecule. Öona made her debut on Anjunadeep in 2018 with her single ‘Baba’ and has since released music on All Day I Dream, XLR8R, and Watergate. ‘Wrong Note’ also receives a captivating remix by Ghosts of Venice, adding an Indie Dance touch to the original.

Lastly, French duo Bormin’ leave their mark on the French version (Version Française) of ‘Only Direction’, providing a remix that brings a unique addition to the package.

Release date: 18th July 2023

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