Moon Boots spinning ‘Hot Minute’ (feat. Black Gatsby) at the Hollywood Palladium 🔥 #Shorts

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‘Hot Minute’ is the first single from Moon Boots’ album ‘Ride Away’, and features the vocals of longtime collaborator Black Gatsby. With a sassy chorus that echoes Anderson .Paak and Sylvester with a gospel-inflected breakdown, ‘Hot Minute’ shows off the full range of Black Gatsby’s talents and his unique musical rapport with Moon Boots. This bop is a tantalising taste of what Dougherty has been up to in the studio.

Release date: 14th October 2022

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Los Angeles Music Festivals and Genres

Thousands of years ago, music was a part of daily life. It was also the medium of cultural exchange. Today, music has become a huge business industry. It has generated several billion dollars in revenue in the United States alone in less than 10 years. Streaming is a major contributor to the overall music industry revenue in the U.S. In addition, there are music festivals that are held throughout the year. These festivals are held to provide a friendly platform for musicians and provide them with the opportunity to further their professional study of music.

Music festivals are usually held outdoors. In some cases, they are for-profit concerts, while others are benevolent events that raise money for specific charitable causes. They may also award trophies, certificates of merit, and scholarships. They are commonly held during the spring and summer. These festivals attract over 800,000-1,000,000 attendees per year.

Los Angeles is a city with a rich history of music. Many of the city’s iconic recording studios are located here. Many of the genres of music that are thriving in Los Angeles today are influenced by its diverse cultural history. Mexican immigrants, particularly in East LA, shaped the Chicano rock music movement.

Other music genres that originated in Los Angeles include punk rock and alternative rock. Punk rock bands, such as Black Flag, the Germs, and X, evolved into a variety of styles. Alternative rock bands, such as Tool and Red Hot Chili Peppers, drew influences from many genres.

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