Music, Art, and NFTs with DJ Justin Blau aka 3LAU

Justin Blau, aka 3LAU, is a world-renowned DJ, best known for his chart topping hits and unique DJ style. Starting small at college fraternity parties, 3LAU quickly rose to fame, performing at sold out shows around the world. What few know is that Justin is a talented trader and early crypto adopter. Justin and his team are beginning to explore the ways that artists can distribute their work in a decentralized and scarce manner using NFTs. 3LAU is transforming traditional art, looking to give super fans a one-of-a-kind experience, while also raising money for charities along the way.

Scott Melker and Justin Blau further discuss their similar backgrounds in music, performing and crypto, mixing finance and blockchain into the world of art, learning about Bitcoin from the Winkelvoss twins, NFTs, Kanye West tweets, what blue checkmarks, Yeezys, and Jordans all have in common, who is Blockparty, predatory record labels, mining for gold on asteroids, a shaky dollar, having strong opinions loosely held, the impact of COVID on performers, building schools in Guatemala and more.

Choose a Good Wedding DJ to Boost the Mood of Your Party

We always want to have a good time. Even if only for a short while, we want to have a day away from our work and spend good time with our friends and loved ones. That sometimes leads to planning a party.

How to Get More Beats in the Audition?

If you want to get more beats in the auditions, you should not miss this chance. Keeping reading this article, you can get useful guides to help you get better results.

The Profits That Accompany Music Licensing

Movies, TV shows, webisodes, videos and video games are given a different level of entertainment when music is added to them. One very important aspect of a musician’s career is licensing music in these many areas.

When Is a Song Not a Song?

Can anyone, (other than next of kin), truly ‘own’ a song that was written by someone else? And is it right that businessmen should make vast sums of money from other people’s compositions?

The Secret to Getting a Record Deal Exposed

As you know, the music industry is struggling to find a new model to make money because the old model was based on album sales and album sales are sinking like a tank. As a result, any band that is following this old, antiquated method of trying to get signed is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. “Having good music, looking “signable” and having a professional-looking demo package” is good to have and are necessities to having a career in this new music industry, but I’m going to be real with you…it’s not going to help you get signed.

Microphones – Who Else Wants to Make Pro Recordings?

Microphones are usually the first device in your home music studio signal flow. Understanding the microphone will put you in control of your recordings.

Universal Audio Solo 610

UA has several higher end products but the Universal Audio Solo 610 comes in at just under $800, perfect for smaller recording studios to get some quality vintage analog sound. Let’s face it, as we sit in our studios most of us are surrounded entirely by digital recording gear.

My Hip Hop Experience

Are you hip hop? Are you living the hip hop lifestyle? Is it in your blood? Have you been around it for a long time? I love hip hp and this article is about my unique experience of being hip hop. If you want to be hip hop, this will help you out.

Cheap DJ Equipment – Laptop Controller Recommendations

Are you looking for Cheap DJ Equipment? When looking for cheap DJ equipment you need to make sure that you’re considering the quality of the equipment. Unfortunately a multiplicity of junky DJ equipment and DJ software is marketed all over the internet. Keep reading to find out more.

Guides for Promoting Your Mix CD

If you want to get more notice of the public, you should learn to promote your music in a creative way. This article will share with you some guides to promote your songs on a mix CD.

5 Ways Bands Can Benefit With Foursquare

Does your band have Foursquare yet? If not, it should. Foursquare gives bands another opportunity to not only talk to their fans but to let them know of shows directly to their cell phones. You can also offer Foursquare-only discounts on merchandise.

How to Prepare for a Recording Session – Everything You Need to Know to Save Money

This article is designed to help bands preparing for their first recording session. It will help them to avoid the myriad of pitfalls that many bands fall victim to on their first visit. Not only should this article help them save time and money but also to achieve much better results

Cat Stevens – Where Did He Go?

If you were born before the sixties you may have wondered what became of then popular singer-songwriter Cat Stevens. What happened to his music career and where is he today?

Music Industry Jobs – What’s Out There?

Many believe the music industry is limited to playing instruments or singing. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Many people make livings by doing other very important jobs related to marketing the artists.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Music Recording Artist Versus a Music Producer

Is it better to be a recording artist or a music producer? While a successful recording artist can generate plenty of fame and money, a music producer can make an astonishing amount of money and never even be seen or heard of.

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