Music Reporter Unveils Mind-Blowing Country Crossovers | Music To My Ears

Join Marcus Dowling, a renowned Nashville Country Music reporter, as he explores some of the most unforgettable country music crossover moments in history on this episode of What Makes It Great! Discover how these iconic collaborations have defined the genre, featuring artists like Katy Perry, Nelly, and more, who showcase their unique talents and push the boundaries of Country Music. Don’t miss out on this fascinating journey through genre-defying performances that left lasting impressions on the world of music. Like, subscribe, and share this video with fellow country music enthusiasts!

On Music To My Ears, singers, songwriters, artists, performers, label owners, producers, and fans break down lyrics and reflect on Country Music throughout the decades.


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Facts About Music

Music is the art of sound compiled and expressed following particular emotions and ideas in a significant form. It has melody, harmony and rhythm and is often used as a way to connect with people and convey a message. Music is also an important part of many religious and spiritual traditions.


One of the most fascinating facts about music is that it can affect your mood and brain function. Research shows that listening to upbeat music can lift your spirits, while slow songs make you feel more serene. This is due to the fact that different parts of the brain process music differently. The cerebellum processes rhythm, while the frontal lobes interpret emotional content. In addition, certain sounds can trigger a reward response in the brain, like the feeling of happiness or pain.


Many music artists start their careers by performing in local bars and small venues, or posting covers on Youtube. They then develop their craft, build a following and break out on their own, or get spotted by a record label. Some work in collaboration with other musicians or producers, while others focus on songwriting and composition. Some artists also travel for concerts and tours, which can be demanding on their bodies and minds.

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