My Friend ‘Came For Love EP’ (Out Now)

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My Friend are back with their brand new ‘Came For Love EP’, featuring three club-ready tracks. Out now on Anjunadeep.

Release date: 26 August 22

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Facts About Music Production in Georgia

Music is ubiquitous in human society and can be found in all forms. It lends itself to alliances with words and physical movement, and throughout history has played a crucial role in rituals and drama. Music has a unique ability to reflect human emotions, and its power to shape human behavior and attitudes has been continually exploited by popular culture. From psychotherapy to advertising, music has shaped the way we live and work.

Physical music sales currently represent one-third of recorded music sales, and digital music sales are down 11%. This trend aligns with overall falls in consumer discretionary spending. However, the rise of streaming platforms has facilitated new monetization models for artists and record labels. Streaming platforms have also helped artists reach out to fans from home.

Georgia has produced a number of award-winning artists and musicians. Some of the most successful pop, R&B, hip-hop, and country stars have come from the state. Atlanta is home to pop stars such as 2 Chainz, B.o.B., Ciara, and Lil Jon, as well as country stars like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Lady Antebellum is one of the most prolific country acts, and many other country acts hail from the area. Meanwhile, gospel music heavyweights such as Casting Crowns and Francesca Battistelli are also found in the city. Atlanta has also produced several contemporary Christian heavyweights, including Canton Jones and Jeff & Sheri Easter.

Music producers are integral to the recording process. They coordinate and direct the various parts of the recording process, working with bands and individual artists to determine the type of musicians and production techniques that will make the music sound its best. They are closely linked to sound engineers, but are more artistically inclined.

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