Nicky Elisabeth’s new track ‘Sun’ at Amsterdam establishment De Marktkantine ☀️ #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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Amsterdam-based DJ, producer and singer-songwriter Nicky Elisabeth debuts on Anjunadeep with new double A-side ‘Fading /Sun’.

A new talent in the techno world, Nicky Elisabeth’s thundering DJ sets have earned her an ever-growing following, and she has wowed at DGTL festival, Fabric (London) and her own residency at Amsterdam’s De Marktkantine. Her 2021 ‘Celeste’ EP on Michael Mayer’s imprint Kompakt marked her first release, and a successful one at that: receiving support from Joris Voorn, WhoMadeWho, Agents of Time and more.

On her first Anjunadeep label release ‘Fading / Sun’, Nicky showcases a softer side to her sound. Her airy vocals perfectly complement her tight, polished production and make for a well-balanced release.

Release Date: 24th May 2022

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