OLAN – Wake And Return (Acoustic Version)

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Demonstrating her exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter, OLAN will release three intimate acoustic versions of tracks from her album ‘Contra’ as part of ‘Contra: Acoustic’, out on November 25 via independent label Anjunadeep.

‘Contra: Acoustic’ features stripped back interpretations of singles ’Push’ and ‘Wake And Return’ and album track ’Submerge’. In contrast to the electronic flavour of the originals, each arrangement on ‘Contra: Acoustic’ is hauntingly sparse, with OLAN’s delicate harmonies filling the spaces between her guitar and Fender bass. In this context, the vulnerability of the lyrics is palpable, illustrating just how these songs were a form of escape and expression for OLAN, helping her find peace amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic:

“‘Contra’ is an album I wrote as a way to find some peace with my life having no definitive purpose at the time. I often try to attach meaning to everything I encounter. I force myself to re-live memories. I’ll try to unpack them and see how I could change my reality if I had just been a better person.”

Since release, the album has reached the top 10 of the NACC electronic charts, accrued over a million streams, and been supported by KCRW, KEXP, SiriusXM, DJ Mag, and Beatportal. Most recently, legendary indie electronic group Little Dragon’s released a remix of ‘Wake & Return’ which premiered on KCRW in July this year.

Release date: 25th November 2022

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