Olivia Rodrigo CALLED Out By Artist Again For Not Crediting Her Work!

You Will Love This Beat Creator

This article is going to provide you some information about one beat creator that stands behind the others. You may ask yourself which is the best beat making software and I have an answer for you. The beat creator that I am talking about is Dub Turbo.

Make Beats at Home Easy and Fast

Make beats at home – How does it sound? Well, It sound great to me.

How to Make a Hip Hop Beat

In this article I am going to tell you about the “How to make a hip hop beat” stuff. I hope to help you with making your first beat fast and easy. You may not believe that it is possible, but I’ll show you few things about making beats.

Garage Bands – How to Use YouTube to Make It Big

This article details ways in which new artists can market their music on YouTube. With more and more musicians turning to social media, free custom mobile applications for bands, and other new media technologies to promote their music, it is increasingly important to stay ahead of changing trends. YouTube’s video sharing platform offers many features that can enhance promotional efforts for new bands.

Promoter for A Music Band’s CD – Band Promotion to Get Noticed By Record Labels

If you want to have a promoter AKA a publicist for you music band there are a few ways to find the one for you in Saint Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Marion, Carbondale, Herrin and anywhere else in the world. Many people do not think about it but a band promoter or publicist can make the difference in your bands coverage and ability to make you seen by people all over the world.

How DJs Make More Money

It’s not all about the money, but being a professional mobile DJ is more than just blasting out great music an entertaining a crowd. If you are having trouble getting gigs, read this article to see where you may be going wrong.

Tips to Finding and Working With a Music Industry Publicist

The publicist is basically the bridge between the independent artist and all media, including the web. He or she is the one who gets the word out for an act, so they can be critically important for the building of a fan base and industry recognition. They answer to the act’s manager, or the act itself if they have no manager. An adept publicist will do more than simply get the message out to media. They will arrange media appearances or other special promotional appearances, co-ordinate the radio-play strategy with record store promotion and your tour planning, come up with an angle that makes your story appealing, and so on. This is where it becomes key for you to have a defined identity in terms of a genre. It is vital that the publicist is able to direct their efforts to the appropriate media outlets and any other parties appropriate to your genre, whether it be radio, zines, the web, stores, distributors or whatever.

Is the 360 Deal Just a Money Grab by Record Labels?

When it comes to the 360 deal’s monetary appeal to labels and music artists, a common phenomenon is driving opposing forces. With album revenues declining owing to falling sales and prices, both parties are increasingly looking to other revenue sources. Labels have been especially impacted because their revenue base has traditionally been heavily reliant on record sales. Their inability to effectively control consumer access to free digitized music certainly has only accentuated their problem. Most of the other sources, like merchandise and touring, have typically been the domain of the artist, so it is no surprise that many in the industry see the 360 deal as a money grab by labels.

The 10 Greatest Guitar Players

Since the 1940’s, the world has produced some of the greatest guitar players. Each guitar player has defined their own personal tone. The guitar tone started off in African American areas located in the USA known as the blues around the time of 1940’s and 50’s.

The Best DJ Headphones? 6 Key Points To Help You Find The Best DJ Headphones

Choosing the best DJ headphones is something DJ’s like us would really like to figure out. Use the 6 key points below that most DJ’s don’t even consider when looking to buy their headsets.

Music Industry Fighting Back On Illegal Downloads

Perhaps like me, you’ve been amazed by the incredible power of the music industry, and their robust enforcement of illegal downloads of songs of artists. There is a lot of money at stake in this game of chicken, and we see just how much the music industry is willing to do to combat this problem and to stop it. In fact, they’ve made a full on assault with lobbyists in Congress, and they filed some incredible lawsuits against regular people and college students who have downloaded songs illegally from the Internet.

Music Industry – Want to Be a Star? Be Careful What You Wish For, Shooting Star

It seems that everyone wants to be a star, especially in the music industry. It seems these days that everyone knows someone whose son or daughter plays a local band, often practicing in their garage trying to get local gigs. All of them hope to be stars one day, to sell their CDs, and make millions of dollars.

The Music Industry and Your First Tour – Living On The Road

Living out of hotels, and traveling by tour bus may sound like a lot of fun, but it’s a long hard road, and you never seem to get enough sleep. Worse the party atmosphere takes a toll on your body, and after a while life can be nothing more than a blur. Don’t get me wrong, being on the road is a lot of fun, it’s exciting, and you get to meet interesting new people.

Breaking Into the Music Industry One Viral YouTube Video At a Time

Does it make sense for a new artist breaking into the music industry – to create homemade videos of their band and their songs and post them on YouTube? Interestingly enough, there have been many stars born on YouTube, and you can expect this to continue. Occasionally, these songs go viral along with the video, and they attract a promoter from the music industry, to sign up these up-and-coming stars, and invest marketing dollars to promote them to the next level of stardom.

Music Industry – High End Local Bands Find Too Much Competition in Recessionary Times

Recently, I was talking to some friends of mine who run a high-end band that caters to exclusive parties around the Chicago area. In fact, the band plays at so many exclusive type events, that before they can book a gig, they are usually required to fax their background checks to the organizers of such parties, and even though they are on a short list of the top bands for their type of music, they have had a tough time getting enough gigs to keep the band busy, and gainfully employed.

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