One month to go until our biggest ever UK Open Air show! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #Shorts

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GRAMMY-nominated electronic group Above & Beyond are pleased to announce a new two-day festival at Royal Docks in partnership with Broadwick Live: Group Therapy Weekender London.

Taking place at a brand new open air location in East London, Group Therapy Weekender London will bring together the best and brightest names from Above & Beyond’s storied label imprints, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, for two full days of music, community and connection on the group’s home turf.

Saturday will be headlined by Above & Beyond, with a supporting cast of trance, progressive and deep talent. Sunday will be handed over to Anjunadeep, whose annual takeovers of Printworks London sell out well in advance.

Above & Beyond have previously hosted sell-out shows across the capital, including venues like the O2 Arena, Royal Albert Hall, Alexandra Palace and The Steelyard at Finsbury Park.

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Philosophical and Practical Studies of Music

The study of music can be divided into two distinct categories: philosophical and practical. Philosophers of the past have used music to explore the human condition and to help people deal with their own psychological crises. While philosophical studies have explored music’s role in shaping culture, practical applications have been limited. Musical instruments such as the piano, harp, or percussion are essential for most types of work. Philosophers of music have also considered its impact on the creation of myths and the construction of social structures.

The baroque period saw the emergence of instrumental music and vocal music. While instrumental music and vocal music remained largely the same throughout the period, vocal music became increasingly important. During this time, instrumental chamber ensembles and independent orchestral groups developed. In the late eighteenth century, the sonata became a common musical form, though it still has many forms. Its rise to prominence is a result of these changes.

Popular music has large followings. Rock and soul music, for example, are incredibly popular. The lyrics of these genres deal with broad themes and are emotionally charged. Popular music accompaniments include percussion instruments, guitars, and keyboards. The instruments themselves are electronically amplified. In popular music, the inherent structural values of the genre have drawn music educators to it. Popular music has distinctive modal and rhythmic characteristics that make it worth studying.

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