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Anjunadeep is excited to welcome Berlin-based producer Paul Baule to the fold with his debut label release, ‘Zillion EP’.

Fans of the label may recognise the lead track ‘Illusionist’ from recent flagship compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’, curated and mixed by label heads James Grant and Jody Wisternoff, where its delicate production stood out, even among over 40 other brilliant tracks.

Paul Baule has previously released on Amsterdam-based Click Records, as well as local Berlin labels Mind Field and Rebellion der Träumer, and earned himself support from DJ’s including Gabriel & Dresden, Jonas Rathsman, Alfa Romero, Frost and Mees Salomé.

Paul Baule’s ‘Zillion EP’ is a masterclass in delicately-produced electronica that makes for an emotive listening experience, out June 6 on Anjunadeep.

Release Date: 6th June 2023

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Facts About Music and Music Production

Music is an art form that uses tones and rhythms to convey meaning. It has a unique ability to invoke emotions and create an immersive experience. Music can change your mood, evoke memories, or even make you want to dance. It can also be used to express culture and ideas. Music has been used to strengthen governments, sell cars, foment revolution, and convert souls.


When you think of popular musicians, names like Quincy Jones or Timbaland come to mind. Producers are often credited for their work, and many bands and artists will hire producers to help them with the process of creating a song or album. Producers have an encyclopedic knowledge of music and the technical expertise to work on various instruments and equipment. They can also be very hands-on and will work the soundboard, place microphones, or even play as a musician if needed.

Facts About Music

Whether it’s a synthesiser, sampler, or virtual instrument, there are many different types of music producers out there. Some use presets to make the process of creating music quick and easy. Presets are sets of ready-made sounds and controls for a specific type of instrument or genre. These presets can be found online and are a great way to try out an instrument before buying it. Producers can create a sound that is both original and familiar by mixing different elements together. For example, a synthesiser can combine a bass line with a drum beat to create something new.

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