Paul Baule – Oortic Clouds

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Anjunadeep is excited to welcome Berlin-based producer Paul Baule to the fold with his debut label release, ‘Zillion EP’.

Fans of the label may recognise the lead track ‘Illusionist’ from recent flagship compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’, curated and mixed by label heads James Grant and Jody Wisternoff, where its delicate production stood out, even among over 40 other brilliant tracks.

Paul Baule has previously released on Amsterdam-based Click Records, as well as local Berlin labels Mind Field and Rebellion der Träumer, and earned himself support from DJ’s including Gabriel & Dresden, Jonas Rathsman, Alfa Romero, Frost and Mees Salomé.

Paul Baule’s ‘Zillion EP’ is a masterclass in delicately-produced electronica that makes for an emotive listening experience, out June 6 on Anjunadeep.

Release Date: 6th June 2023

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