Percussive organic house from Fluida on new single ‘Trailing Jade’ 🌸🥁 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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Following the release of their EP ‘Welcome Home’, British duo Fluida return to the label with their three-track EP ‘Phoenix’. Since their label debut on Anjunadeep Explorations 03, the UK duo have been supported by Joris Voorn, Lee Burridge and Sasha, and released on labels including Get Physical, Kindisch and Fatboy Slim’s Southern Fried Records; in addition to a series of special vinyl-only cuts via their own label.

Title track ‘Phoenix’ opens the EP, leading with an echoing vocal sample and a piano lead. ‘Trialing Jade’ features percussive-laden rhythms whilst EP closer ‘Afterglow’ compromises a meticulously-crafted drum section that showcases Fluida’s production style.

Release Date: 1st July 2022

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#Anjunadeep #Fluida #PhoenixEP

Music As a Science – Facts About Genres, Artists, and Festivals

For five decades, Michael Stacker has studied music as a science, including its evolution, generational influences, and relationships among artists, fans, and producers. Music can be found on everything from jukeboxes to earbuds to walls of speakers at concerts. It’s been a staple of culture and history, making people dance, cry, and laugh. And while its production and distribution are still evolving, it is as dynamic and individualized as ever.

The jukebox was the center of the party for years. People bought albums, records, and CDs, and the music poured out of the machine on a pay-per-play basis. Before MP3s, users were limited to the physical media that came inside the machine. But with the invention of MP3s, the jukebox was given bottomless music libraries. In the 1980s, music lovers began listening to music on cassette tapes for long car rides.

Punk rock is a subgenre of heavy metal, which originated in the 1970s. This style exuded angry rebellion and nonconformity. Punk rock emerged in New York, but was influenced by underground scenes in Britain. Various bands, including Metallica, Black Flag, and the Dead Kennedys, helped define the genre. The band’s unique sound reflected the psychedelic influences of the Grateful Dead and other pioneering 1960s bands.

The International Society for Contemporary Music began in the year 1922. Since then, the society has organized summer festivals in various cities. The first such festival took place in Osaka, Japan in 1958. Throughout history, music has been part of contests to test artistic skill. Pythian games included musical competitions in the sixth century bc. In the 12th century, the eisteddfod, a Welsh competition, was held. In the 20th century, amateur activities were encouraged for students.

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