Peter from Cubicolor breaks down single ‘Know’ 🎹 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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The original track is from late folk songwriter Nick Drake, whose final album ‘Pink Moon’ was hugely influential when it was released in the early ’70s, and more recently, personally significant to Cubicolor’s Tim Digby-Bell.

Release date: 15/11/22

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

The History of Music and Musicology

Music has long been called a language of the emotions. Unlike written language, music has no precise semantics, and two listeners may derive very different meanings from the same piece. This lack of precision makes it difficult to explain the significance of music with language. Verbal explanation only raises more questions than it settles. Philosophers who believe that all meaning can be transcribed into language pronounce music meaningless.

Music is an important part of human life and is a fundamental part of culture. In cultures all over the world, music is used for ceremonial and narrative purposes. Confucius assigned a significant place to music, observing that music reflected the state. Music has been used to express human emotions in every era and style, and has even been used in geriatrics, psychotherapy, and advertising.

The early Christian Church had a strong connection to music and musicology. Saint Augustine, who was a renowned Christian theologian, greatly valued music for its utility in religion. However, he was hesitant about music’s sensual element, and he was concerned that the melody should never overpower the words. These beliefs are similar to those of the Greek philosopher, Plotinus.

The history of music theory is complex. It has spanned several centuries, and has evolved to become highly controversial and contradictory. Various theories have been advanced and modified, but they all tend to emphasize different elements. Some specialists emphasize the musical elements, while others emphasize the listeners and the cultural context.

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