Qrion – It’s All Over (Moon Kyoo Remix) [Live]

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Japanese DJ and producer Qrion is proud to announce the upcoming ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever (Remixed)’, a dazzling compilation of remixes of her tracks from her debut album. A truly international affair, the remix album features tracks from the likes of Germany’s C418, the talented composer and producer behind the Minecraft soundtrack, South Korea’s SOHMI and Moon Kyoo, France’s Boston Bun, and Australian producer Juno Mamba. Also featured are released remixes from the Netherland’s Jordin Post and the UK’s Dance System.

‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’ has been championed by the likes of radio heavyweights such as Pete Tong, Danny Howard, and Jason Bentley, as well as tastemaker DJs like Diplo, Mall Grab, Porter Robinson, Lane 8, Anna Lunoe, Solomun, and Todd Edwards.

Built on nostalgia and sentimentality, ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’ paid homage to Qrion’s memories of childhood and captured the feelings she felt when moving from her hometown of Sapporo to San Francisco to pursue a career in music. Speaking on the album, Qrion exclaimed “I connected with my old memories – the feelings of spending time with my Dad, the time I lived with my family in Japan, and the small but important moments of my life from my life in Sapporo.”

‘I Hope It Lasts Forever (Remixed)’ is the latest triumph in a career that’s seen Qrion release on Mad Decent, Last Night on Earth, and This Never Happened. More recently, Qrion has been named Spotify Japan’s EQUAL Artist of November, DJ Mag’s Future Star of 2021, and the resident artist for 88Rising Radio on SiriusXM, whilst garnering support from the likes of Mixmag, Attack Magazine, Forbes, and Triple J.

Release date: 20th April 2022

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