Rezident lighting up Austin with his new track ‘Echoes’ 😍🔥 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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Anjunadeep welcomes German DJ & producer Rezident, A.K.A David Roif, back to the label with his three-track EP ‘On Fire’.

Since first featuring on ‘Anjunadeep Explorations 13’, the young German producer released his 2020 ‘Chapters EP’ which has amassed 2.2M streams across DSPs to date, and more recently released his remix of ‘Erase’, taken from Ben Böhmer’s sophomore album ‘Begin Again’. The track was first featured on flagship label compilation ‘Anjunadeep 13’ earlier this year and has seen widespread support including from Sian Eleri of BBC Radio 1, as well as clocking over 500 spins on SiriusXM Chill.

Release date: 27 September 22

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

The Importance of Music Festivals

Music has long been a part of human culture. Its importance has never been disputed, and few philosophers have denied its value or even its importance. Democritus, an ancient Greek philosopher, was perhaps the first to deny that music was a necessary part of human life. While this view is still prevalent today, the growth of the psychological understanding of play and music has contributed to a greater appreciation of the role of music in our lives.

Music theorists have disagreed about its nature, but they do generally agree that music is an auditory phenomenon, and that understanding music begins with hearing. The problem arises from the dichotomization of thought and feeling, a tradition that has been disrupted by the work of Henri Bergson.

The practice of music has permeated all aspects of human society, from religion to everyday life. Through its ability to convey emotion, music has remained a vital adjunct to religion, ritual, and drama. Its emotional effect has also been consistently exploited in popular culture, from commercial music to advertising. In today’s society, music is an important part of all human societies, including those of indigenous people.

In a similar vein, music festivals have been a vital part of culture throughout history. Ancient Greece held festivals that included athletic competitions, poetry, and music competitions. More recently, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair is one of the world’s largest music events. It drew over half a million people and sold out more than 150,000 tickets.

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