Romain Garcia & Douran – Third Time (Live Session)

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Following title track ‘Kili’ premiering on label compilation Anjunadeep 14 earlier this year, French artists Romain Garcia and Douran release the three-track ‘Kili EP’. The EP is the sum of the pair’s artistic and cinematic influences, culminating in three driving anthems that are a masterclass in emotionally-charged melodic house.

The EP is Romain Garcia’s third with Anjunadeep, following his previous two releases, ‘Everybody Dreams’ and ‘Before You Go’, which have, together, clocked up nearly two million streams. Garcia collaborated with Ben Böhmer on their track ‘Cappadocia’, released on Cercle Records, and has garnered support from a wide range of tastemakers such as Pete Tong, Hernán Cattáneo and LP Giobbi. Romain has recently played at the stunning Pic Du Midi Observatory in the French Pyrenees, and will complete a six-stop North American tour this September, with dates in Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Montréal and Toronto.

A versatile musician and composer, Douran has released his own complex and classically-inspired productions on Anjunadeep and ambient sister label Reflections, as well as remixing William Orbit’s acclaimed ‘Starbeam’. The live act and producer has also been supported by publications such as Clash and Decoded.

Directed by Nicolas FRADET / @nfdrea

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