Romain Garcia – Pave Your Way

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French DJ, producer and live act Romain Garcia returns to Anjunadeep with a new four-track EP, entitled ‘Everybody Dreams’.

Romain was welcomed to the Anjunadeep family last year with his well-received EP ‘Before You Go EP’. His label debut received support from Sian Eleri on her BBC Radio 1 Chillest show and the EP’s title track was the most-played on SiriusXM Chill across the month of February.

On ‘Everybody Dreams’, Romain’s uniquely joyful take on progressive house is on full display, and the additional elements of strong arpeggiated synths, and moving vocal samples combine to make this a standout release for the young French talent.

After appearing at Anjunadeep’s label showcase at Printworks in December 2022, Romain is set for a busy year of touring, kicking off with a string of European shows, including supporting Anjunadeep label favourite Marsh in Paris, before Romain makes his American debut in the second half of the year.

Release Date: 10th February 2023

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