Shared moments on the dancefloor 🤍 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

How to Get Your Music Noticed

Music is a form of sound that combines pitch, rhythm and melody to convey emotion. It’s an integral part of all cultures and acts as a social glue that connects people. It can be used to celebrate, promote, comfort, and inspire. It’s no wonder that neuroscientists, musicologists and psychologists continue to study its effect on us.

The production of music has changed dramatically over time. From the first tape-captured tunes to the knob-twiddling of pioneer producers like George Martin and Phil Spector, who turned studio techniques into an artform, to the digital realm that allows anyone with a computer to become their own producer, the possibilities have never been greater.

Artists like Iggy Pop and the Stooges combined Jimi Hendrix’s modern-freakout blues with the free jazz spirit of John Coltrane to create a unique sound that’s both timeless and utterly contemporary. They wanted their music to be alive and to ride the edge of control, just like the old bluesmen they admired in Chicago.

If you want to get your music noticed, you need to put on a great live show. The best way to do that is by consistently playing shows in your local area and by submitting your material to music fests. You’ll also need to work hard on your stage presence and chops, so that word of mouth about you gets around. If you do a good job, the right people will start to talk about you and give you opportunities to play bigger gigs.

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