Simon Doty & Shelley Johannson – Candy and Feels

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Since his debut on 2019’s Anjunadeep Explorations 11 with ‘Sama’, Simon Doty has put out five stand out EPs on the label, quickly becoming an Anjunadeep favourite. The Canadian producer has developed a reputation for delectable deep melodic house, garnering support from the likes of Phil Taggart, Danny Howard, Gorgon City, Cassian, Jax Jones and Lane 8.

Highlights from the label’s flagship compilation Anjunadeep 13, ‘Living Sound’ and ‘Tellin Me’ open the EP. Collaborating with techno DJ and producer Shelley Johannson, ‘Candy and Feels’ showcases Doty’s club influenced style that has seen him release on labels including Knee Deep In Sound, Einmusika, and This Never Happened.

Release Date: 14th April 2022

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How Technology Has Changed the Way Music Is Made and Heard

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato considered music to be an art form that had symbolic meaning. He thought that music and character were closely related, and that the simplest form was the most beautiful. Plato criticized complex music, saying that it was destructive and caused disorder. Aristotle believed that music was an expression of universal truth and that it imitated the movements of the heavenly bodies. Music is also a reflection of the moral order of the universe, which Plato viewed as akin to “the music of the spheres”.

Over the years, music has changed dramatically. No longer do listeners rely on radio DJs to choose what music to listen to. The ability to select music is a great benefit to fans, and it allows listeners to be in control of what they hear. New technologies have also changed how music is made. Once, record labels viewed musicians as dollar-generating commodities, artists now have direct access to their fans. This direct connection allows musicians to reach a much wider audience than ever before.

Since the introduction of MP3s, technology has changed the way people listen to music. Before the iPod, the most popular portable music player was the jukebox. The MPMan F10 was a big clunky box that offered 32 MB of storage. MP3s changed all that, allowing the music lover to have an endless library without physical objects. Today, MP3s make listening to music much easier than before. So, now everyone can listen to their favorite music on the go.

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