Simon Doty – Universal Language (Live from Brixton, London)

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In celebration of his debut album ‘Universal Language’, Simon Doty hosted a secret DJ set in London, playing through his full album to fans for the first time.

‘Universal Language’ follows the release of singles ‘Follow Me’, ‘Have You Ever?’ and ‘Soulflow’, which gained radio support from SiriusXM, KCRW and BBC Radio 1 presenters Pete Tong and Danny Howard, as well as a host of tastemaking DJs including Gorgon City, Diplo, Solardo and more.

Crafted for the dance floor, Simon’s debut album ‘Universal Language’ gives the audience a taste of the range of musical styles that they can expect to hear Simon play during one of his DJ sets.

“We’re starting to lose the groove in underground dance music. This album is partly about showing people that club music can still be melodic and emotional.” – Simon Doty

‘Universal Language’ features a range of collaborators including American spoken word artist Ursula Rucker, british duo My Friend, singer / songwriter Tailor, UK-based producer and vocalist Artche, british songstress Ruth Royall and legendary American vocalist Roland Clark. The album also features a memorable remix of ‘Closer’ (feat. Robyn Sherwell) by JODA, the new project from trance legends Darren Tate and Jono Grant, of legendary trio Above & Beyond.

1. Simon Doty – 1000 Miles (Intro)
2. Simon Doty feat. Ursula Rucker – Soulflow
3. Simon Doty & My Friend feat. Tailor – Follow Me
4. Simon Doty & Artche – Who Do You Love?
5. Simon Doty – Have You Ever?
6. Simon Doty & My Friend – Am I The Only One?
7. JODA feat. Robyn Sherwell – Closer (Simon Doty Remix)
8. Simon Doty feat. Ruth Royall – Heat Of The Moment
9. Simon Doty – Sloane and Sibs
10. Simon Doty – Midnight Oil
11. Simon Doty feat. Roland Clark – Universal Language

Director – Lawrence Jones
Producer – Lawrence Jones
Executive Producer – Liam Smith
Produced by Mutual Friends
Camera Op – Patrick Gavanagh
Editor – Patrick Gavanagh
Grading – Patrick Gavanagh
Additional Lighting – Neil Marshall
VFX – Sebastian Trillo

Thank you to the venue team at Ton of Brix

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