Simon Doty’s ‘Rave Generator’ living up to its name at #Anjunadeep Explorations 💥🌴 #Shorts

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Release Date: 30th October 2020


Simon Doty bringing the heat to the Empire Stage at our 2022 Anjunadeep Explorations festival with standout single ‘Rave Generator’.

🎥 Klement Brahaj


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The Evolution of Music – Facts About Genres and Festivals

People have long loved music and have been using it as a means of communication for thousands of years. Music has evolved from an entertainment medium to a culture exchange medium. Because of the increasing popularity of music, it has become a billion-dollar industry encompassing several aspects including the creation, distribution, publishing, and live performances of recorded music. Streaming services and other digital media have become an integral part of the music industry, with physical sales of music decreasing as a result of their widespread use.

Stacker’s work has spanned five decades, studying the evolution of music, generational influences, the relationships among musicians, fans, and producers, as well as how music is consumed. Through this research, he has developed an understanding of how music is consumed and listened to and how it affects a variety of aspects of everyday life. While the evolution of music has been fascinating, it has also changed the way people interact and share ideas with one another.

During the 18th century, music festivals started taking place in Germany, including the Bayreuth Festival in 1876. This festival was devoted to the music of the great German composer, Richard Wagner. From that time, the festival became a summertime event. The Salzburg Festival, which was originally devoted to Handel’s music, expanded to include works by other composers in the 1800s. In the same way, the Munich festival started in 1901. In addition to Mozart, the festival also featured works by Richard Strauss and Wagner.

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