Steven Weston – Nimbus (Live)

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To commemorate the release of his latest EP ‘Luminous Cloud’ on Anjunadeep, Steven Weston presents a collection of three live performances recorded in London. Showcasing the tracks on the EP, each captivating performance was filmed at a different time of the day and features the talents of Steven Weston alongside vocalist and instrumentalist Taé.

Produced, Directed and Edited by Alex Stenhouse @alexstenhouse_
Cinematography by Ben Davies @bristol_dp
Camera Assistant: Amelia Wring

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The Importance of Music

Music is an art that, in some guise, permeates every human society. Today we hear it in a bewildering profusion of styles, many contemporary and others engendered by past eras. Music can act as a powerful force, inspiring artists and even strengthening the power of governments, or it can be used to promote a particular idea or agenda. Ethnomusicologists have studied how sounds can be repurposed to strengthen political power, sell cars, foment revolution, or convert souls to a religion.

The Greek philosopher Plato saw a symbolic significance in music, using it to express a universal idea. His pupil Aristotle was more concerned with a functional role for music, placing it in the service of virtue and moderation. He placed considerable emphasis on the human listener and the importance of sensation. He also stressed the importance of harmony. His concept of tonality placed individual notes in relation to one another and made them identifiable as musical forms.

In the 18th century, composers such as Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made significant contributions to the development of modern orchestras. They focused on creating longer pieces of music called symphonies with sections that had a certain ‘form’ to them. Often they used a type of compositional structure known as sonata form. These forms sounded dissonant at times but they always had a solid tonal foundation. This tonality is what Claude Debussy and Alban Berg built upon when they began to experiment with their work.

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