Steven Weston – Nimbus

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GRAMMY-nominated producer and songwriter Steven Weston returns to Anjunadeep with his three-track EP ‘Luminous Cloud’.

Steven debuted on Anjunadeep last year with his ‘Alter The Flow EP’ featuring the hit track ‘Like I Used To’ with Låpsley, which has over 3 million streams and support on SiriusXM Chill. This adds to his impressive catalogue including work on Rudimental’s third album ‘Toast to Our Differences’ with artists like Charli XCX, Ladyhawke and Mikki Ekko.

The EP opens with ‘Nimbus’, led by syncopated leads and percussion-driven grooves. ‘You’ and ‘Same Dream’ feature stunning vocals from Taė, who has collaborated with Steven before on tracks like ‘One More Time’ and ‘Everything Is Beautiful’. Steven’s latest demonstrates why he’s been supported by John Digweed, Above & Beyond and Kyau & Albert.

Release Date: 5th April 2023

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