Superstar drag artist Naomi Smalls vibes to Moon Boots’ ‘I Want Your Attention’💃🏻#Anjunadeep #Shorts

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Festivals and Music Production Facts

Rock and roll evolved from a genre called rock and roll in the 1960s and 1970s to a variety of genres. Rock and roll bands generally consist of bass guitars, electric guitars, drums, and lead vocalists. Rock and roll songs are energetic and fast-paced. The early Los Angeles bands established a legacy along Sunset Strip. The punk rock movement began in the 1970s, with bands like Black Flag and X.

Since the emergence of modern music in the 20th century, various festivals have been devoted to popular music. The Bayreuth Festival, which was inaugurated by German composer Richard Wagner in 1876, is the oldest continuing music festival. The Salzburg Festival, which was founded in Mozart’s birthplace in 1877, showcases the works of many composers, and became an annual event in the summer of 1920. The Birmingham Festival, which began as a Handel-only festival, has expanded its repertoire to include the works of other composers.

North American corporations spent $1.5 billion in sponsorships of music events in 2014. Last year, five major music festivals earned $183 million in ticket sales alone. That doesn’t include merchandise, sponsorships, and food and beverage sales. Coachella alone contributed $106 million to the local economy in April 2016.

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