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Portable Studios Are Essential For The Traveling Musician

Portable studios are essential for the traveling man to bring with on the road, to record the jam sessions with fellow travelers. there are many advantages with these types of portable studios, you can host your own radio show, record live concerts or own recordings.

How Bands Promote Their Music By Using Buttons?

Many record companies also sent out buttons and vibrating 3-D badges as promotional tactics. The Queen’s crown pin-back of the 1980’s was one of the most popular one and has risen to the stage of a collector’s item.

Consider Independent Music For Music Promotions

Music Promotions are gaining momentum in promotional marketing. The use of promotional risk coverage allows for promotions budget managers and marketing professionals to run digital promotions without the risk of over redemption. This article provides ideas for use of independent music in music promotions for digital promotion campaigns.

Taking a Look at Microphone Techniques

To record acoustic instruments – that is, any instrument that doesn’t have and electronic output – you need to use a microphone. The sound that you ultimately get can vary considerably based on where you place the mic in relation to the instrument and the room that you record in. I spend quite a bit time – in fact – talking about microphones because they’re so important to the quality of your final recordings.

Partnering Mics With Preamps

One of the most important relationship in your home studio is the one between your microphones and the preamp – the nice bit of hardware that boosts the mic’s signal so that it can be recorded. The greatest microphone in the world run through a cheap preamp won’t sound good. By the same token, a cheap mic plugged into a great preamp sounds only as good as the bad mic.

How Time Has Changed the Music Industry

The internet has truly changed the music industry forever. While technologies like mobile apps for the iPhone and Android Market make it easier for businesses to interact with consumers, many musicians and record labels have struggled to adapt to changing trends. However, musicians, music fans, and record label executives should fear not; the development of new media formats has always temporarily stifled the music industry. On the balance, the internet enhances key objectives like promoting music, getting gigs, and delivering content and will eventually lead to a new age of incredible prosperity.

Keep Pushing! The Key To Success

So Ty posted something on his Facebook status yesterday that really hit home. It was a motivational quote that read “It’s okay to try and fail but it’s not okay to fail to try.” Important words there.

Talent or Shiny Floor Shows?

I am forever confused that the public confuses a show such as the X Factor as being a talent show. During the 70’s and 80’s Saturday night Television was full of variety shows. Where professionals took to the stage and performed to entertain the TV watching public.

Take a Break From YouTube – Try Busking

Busking has proven to be the launch for many successful musicians. When you are ready to share your guitar skills with an audience, busking can work for you as well. Take a break from YouTube and give it a try. Here are five steps to creating the best busking experience for yourself and your audience.

Home Recording: The Digital Connections

If you’re going to record using a digital recorder or mixer, you’re going to run into digital connectors (plugs and cables/cords). Digital audio equipment is a recent invention, and as such, no one standards has emerged. Because of this lack of standardization, a variety of digital connection methods are on the market, only a few (or one) of which may be on the equipment that you own or intend to purchase.

Home Recording Basics: Audio and MIDIs

The most common home studio setup includes one or two MIDI devices connected to a digital recorder and one or two microphones plugged in to record vocals or an instrument. The guitar and bass may either be miked from the amp or plugged directly into the mixer using one of the following three techniques.

Assessing Your Microphone Needs

Buying microphones is, without a doubt, one of the most critical decisions that you make when setting up your homes studio. Using the right microphone for the job can mean the difference between recording tracks and truly spectacular ones. As recently as just a few years ago, you had to choose between inexpensive dynamic mics (what most home recordists could afford) and expensive condenser or ribbon mics (what the pro studios had).

Wanna Know How to Make Music on Your Computer – Take a Look at This

You know – there are a lot of great beat programs out there. But what’s the problem about all of them? Here’s the thing… If you are resolved to make your own music, to make quality beats and use your imagination, you need to spend a lot of money nowadays.

The Best Beat Maker Kits Are Included In Dub Turbo!

Some people think that the most important part of making beats is to have really good beat maker kits. So, I am going to show you the meaning of really good kits. I’ll Show you the kits of Dub Turbo – one of the newest and most controversial beat makers on the market.

Beat Maker Software – DUBTurbo

I recently found a beat maker software called DUB Turbo. It’s new for me and it’s also new on the market as it is there probably for half a year. This program will teach you how to make hip hop beats in no time.

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