The Anjunadeep Edition 411 with 3STRANGE

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00:00:00 dj poolboi, PHOAC – if now you feel loved [3STRANGE Remix] (Unbelievably Spectacular)
00:03:41 Alex Jones – BLAKE SPILL (White)
00:08:21 WILES – Too Real Eyez (Batrachian)
00:13:14 3STRANGE – Waves [Baltra Remix] (Apex Faction)
00:17:19 Buridan – It Happened Just Once [Extended Mix] (Apex Faction)
00:22:21 3STRANGE & Reset Robot – Tears (White)
00:25:30 3STRANGE & Kenya Grace – Someone Else (Anjunadeep)
00:29:16 3STRANGE & Reset Robot – Pontiac (White)
00:34:35 3STRANGE – It Won’t Always Be Like This (White)
00:39:42 4am Kru – Pianos Raining Down [134 bpm Breaks Mix] (White)
00:43:46 DUFAUX – JUNGLE VIBES (White)
00:49:08 Kessler – Aspect (Shall Not Fade)
00:54:05 Mathew Jonson – Marionette [Shanti Celeste Remix] (Sapiens Recordings)

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