The Anjunadeep Edition 427 with Compuphonic

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00:00:00 Compuphonic – Aquamarine (Reflections)
00:04:43 Karol XVII & MB Valence – Sonus [Compuphonic Remix] (White)
00:08:30 I:Cube – In Alpha (Versatile Records)
00:10:56 Duke Hugh – Greenleaf (Rhythm Section International)
00:12:49 Compuphonic – Dolce (Exploited)
00:16:46 Compuphonic – My Love (Exploited)
00:21:55 Compuphonic – Mango Figaro (Anjunadeep)
00:26:10 Compuphonic – Emerald (Anjunadeep)
00:31:19 Andras Fox – Your Life (Audio Parallax Records)
00:35:18 Compuphonic – Fairfax (Reflections)
00:38:27 boys be kko – MAGO (Atomnation)
00:41:11 TWO LANES – Phases (bitbird)
00:42:53 Tour-Maubourg – L’invitation au voyage [Wayward Remix] (Pont Neuf Records)
00:47:47 Youandewan – 10405 (Alice) (Aus Music/Simple)
00:51:59 Compuphonic – Lapis Lazuli (Anjunadeep)
00:56:13 Bonobo – Sapien (Ninja Tune)
00:58:06 Rรถyksopp – In Space (Wall of Sound)

Produced by Lisa Twohig.

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