The Anjunadeep Edition 440 with Icarus

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01. Icarus – Listen To The Wind (Anjunadeep)
02. Skrillex & Porter Robinson & Bibi Bourelly – Still Here (with the ones that I came with) (OWSLA)
03. Daphni – Cloudy [Kelbin Remix] (Jiaolong)
04. ATRIP – Fever (ATRIP)
05. 1tbsp – 2007 (sumoclic)
06. Icarus – Catch Your Breath (Fly Boy Records)
07. SWIM – Blur (SWIM)
08. Rudimental – Break My Heart [Prospa Remix] (Room 2 Records)
09. Overmono – Is U (Ninja Tune)
10. Anyasa feat. Barbie Rajput – Birha (Anjunadeep)
11. BONNIE X CLYDE – Need Somebody [Icarus Remix] (Lowly)
12. Simon Doty – Have You Ever? (Anjunadeep)
13. OTUS – Juniper (Slump Recordings)
14. Bacavi – Yourself (White)
15. ID – ID (White)
16. NASAYA – CIEL (Foreign Family Collective)

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