The Anjunadeep Edition 450 with LEGATO

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00:00:03 LEGATO – I’ll Never Forget You (Anjunadeep)
00:06:28 Underworld – Two Months Off [Tim Green Remix] (Balance Music)
00:14:13 LEGATO – If I’ve Got You (All Day I Dream)
00:21:45 Vince Watson – Rendezvous [Finale] (Eversoul)
00:30:43 LEGATO – A Glimpse Inside My Mind [All Day I Dream]
00:35:05 Martin Denev feat. Sasha Zico – Perfectly Enough [Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub] (Imagenes)
00:40:58 LEGATO, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant – Petals (Anjunadeep)
00:46:05 LEGATO – And Still, I Rise (TOR)
00:52:14 Francis Mercier, Nitefreak & Idd Aziz (Higher Ground) – Kamili
00:57:21 LEGATO – Lost Without You (TOR)

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