The Anjunadeep Edition 454 with Paul Baule

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00:00:00 Lee Jones – A Perfect Kick [Matthias Meyer Remix] (Watergate)
00:03:45 DAVI – Metropolis (Rebellion)
00:06:37 Space Food – Soma (RADIANT)
00:09:45 Frankey & Sandrino – Cephei (Moodmusic)
00:14:37 Sex Of Insects – Not This Song Again [Dave Pad Remix] (Ylotana Music)
00:18:52 Karmon – Eleventh Hour (Diynamic)
00:22:20 Rauschhaus – Same Road [Hicky & Kalo Remix] (Plaisirs Sonores)
00:26:17 Mihai Popoviciu – Call Me (Poker Flat)
00:31:09 John Creamer & Stephane K – Forget The World [Nicolas Rada Deep Interpretation] (White)
00:37:05 Rafa’EL – Floating Moments [Blood Groove & Kikis Remix] (Particles)
00:41:49 Petrichor – Rah-Koh (Soma Quality)
00:46:47 Colyn – Exchange (Afterlife)
00:51:35 Avidus – Revenge Of The Whales [Avidus Crosstown Rework] (Crosstown Rebels)
00:55:52 Paul Baule – Illusionist (Anjunadeep)

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