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Facts About Music

Music is produced by combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. It can also be defined as a cultural activity that is often accompanied by ritual, drama, dance, and other forms of entertainment.

Music influences culture and lifestyle. For example, descendants of immigrants who live in the US tend to fuse their traditional musical styles with the popular music they hear on mass media and with their friends and peers. This fusion can create new genres such as Mariachi or the Trap Corrido movement. It can also lead to a synthesis of music and visual media, such as the use of classic rock songs in movies like Forrest Gump or Guardians of the Galaxy, or catchy pop tunes in commercials for brands like Apple or Coca-Cola.

Facts about Music

The music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, for instance, has a performance-based sound with few overdubs that’s reminiscent of the way bands played in the jukeboxes of old. This style helped the band create a mood that set them apart from other acts.

Slash’s bass lines for Guns n’ Roses aren’t full of overblown guitar gymnastics; they’re simply very tasty. They add to the groove and make the band an unstoppable force.

In addition to influencing the formation of new genres, Music is often used as a tool for cultural change and social activism. Ethnomusicologists have noted the power of music to strengthen political leaders, sell cars, foment revolution, or convert souls to a particular religion.

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