The Anjunadeep Edition 462 with Volen Sentir

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00:00:00 Guy J, PROFF – Bungalow x ID [Volen Sentir Edit] (White)
00:04:46 Queen, Talemates – Beautiful Day Like This [Volen Sentir Edit] (White)
00:08:48 ID – ID (White)
00:13:25 ID – ID (White)
00:18:44 ID – ID (White)
00:24:06 Pachanga Boys – Time [ID Mix] (White)
00:31:43 South Bloom – Let Me In [Volen Sentir’s Secret Technique] (White)
00:38:12 Audiense – ID (White)
00:43:12 ANUQRAM – Systems Change [Dulus Remix] (Where The Shadow Ends)
00:48:10 ID – ID (White)
00:54:20 Krasa Rosa – ID (White)
00:59:32 ID – ID (White)
01:03:27 ID – ID (White)
01:10:16 Volen Sentir, Tomaz & Filterheadz – Manasarovar x Sunshine (White)
01:17:19 Jakatta – American Dream [PROFF’s Edit] (White)
01:22:59 Powel – Phaser Is Set To Stunning, Let’s Go (All Day I Dream)

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Making Music

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Creating music is a rewarding and fun experience. It can be a great stress reliever and a way to express your creativity. However, it is important to remember that music isn’t always perfect and it takes a lot of patience and practice. Sometimes we get distracted by other things or our inspiration is lost, but that’s part of the creative process.

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