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Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association (CMA) is the premier trade association of the Country Music industry. Representing professionals making a living in Country Music globally, the organization serves as a critical resource of support and information, honors excellence in the genre and provides a forum for industry leadership. CMA is dedicated to expanding Country Music around the world through a number of core programs and initiatives including the organization’s three annual television properties—the CMA Awards, “CMA Fest” and “CMA Country Christmas,” all of which air on ABC. The organization’s philanthropic arm, the CMA Foundation, works tirelessly to provide equitable access to music education in order to create impactful change for students and teachers across the United States.

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Interesting Facts About Music

Music is an art form that can be a pleasure to both create and listen to. It can be used as entertainment, or as a way to express emotion or even to evoke specific memories. People can perform their daily tasks much better with the help of music as it helps them stay motivated to accomplish a task. From the lush melodies of Classical to the gritty beats of Trap, there are so many genres that can appeal to anyone.

Production of Music involves a wide range of techniques, such as songwriting, singing, recording, mixing and mastering. Some of the main aspects of Music are melody, harmony, rhythm and tone/timbre, with secondary elements including texture and musical form.

One of the fascinating facts about Music is that it can have a powerful psychological effect on us, depending on our mood and emotions at the time of listening to it. For example, happy songs make you feel good and sad ones can help you correlate with the hard truths of life.

Another interesting fact about Music is that it can stimulate physical responses in the human body. It has been proven that a certain type of classical music can increase blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. In addition, deaf and aurally challenged people can experience the vibrations of Music through their bodies by feeling the sound waves. This has been exemplified by the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven who composed his well-known pieces, despite being completely deaf.

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