The Future of Music NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens are disrupting industries across the board. As art continues to dominate the NFT scene, other industries are working on joining the hype. The music industry is stepping up to the plate with a variety of artists and platforms launching their own NFTs as a way to connect with their fans. While some people are still wrapping their heads around what NFTs are, the music industry is setting up for a disruption in how we collect and share our favorite genres, artists and albums.

Lin Dai, founder of music NFT platform OneOf, said in a recent edition of Cryptonized [link], “Michael Jackson, before he passed, could have autographed one OneOf copy of Fiddler, and I could be the only one holding that and that has value; this is just a digital version.” OneOf has done several initiatives so far, including “the Doja Cat One of One item out of our collection option for $188,000.08 188,” adds Lin. “The winner gets the actual NFT itself and a VIP experience to go see her in concert. We’ll fly the winner first class anywhere in the US to a concert, and they also get a full day of living like Doja Cat; maybe they go to the recording studio where the songs were made and they get to dine at her favorite restaurant, and then they go to the concert. A VIP experience.”

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