Thomas Rhett Medley | CMA Fest 2022

Music video of Thomas Rhett performing a medley of his hits from “CMA Fest,” The Music Event of Summer. Relive #CMAfest – streaming now On Demand and on Hulu. “CMA Fest” aired Wednesday, August 3rd on ABC.


About CMA:
Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association (CMA) is the premier trade association of the Country Music industry. Representing professionals making a living in Country Music globally, the organization serves as a critical resource of support and information, honors excellence in the genre and provides a forum for industry leadership. CMA is dedicated to expanding Country Music around the world through a number of core programs and initiatives including the organization’s three annual television properties—the CMA Awards, “CMA Fest” and “CMA Country Christmas,” all of which air on ABC. The organization’s philanthropic arm, the CMA Foundation, works tirelessly to provide equitable access to music education in order to create impactful change for students and teachers across the United States.

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Music Genres and Facts About Music in Georgia

In the 80’s, N.W.A. became one of the most popular acts, influencing artists like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Heavy hip-hop beats gave way to synthesizer tones and a more modern electronic sound. Today, rap artists from Los Angeles, such as Tyga, have become world-renowned. Their style of music combines rock, hip-hop, and soul to produce unique songs and sound.

The classical and modern eras saw the development of amateur music competitions. As early as the 18th century, taverns in English towns held competitions between amateur musicians. As the 19th century progressed, amateur music competitions became increasingly popular, and prominent figures adjudicated the contests. In 1790, singers from Stoughton and Dorchester competed at a Dorchester festival. Amateur activities among students were encouraged, and amateur competitions became more popular in the 20th century.

Today’s students can pursue a music education at an accredited university. Graduates are prepared to enter the field of recording and sound engineering and become future-facing composers and engineers. Georgia offers an enviable environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. The pro-business climate has also aided the growth of the film, television, and digital media industries in the state. For music professionals, the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides tax credits of up to 30% on qualified film and music production. The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act also encourages musicians to create music, as they do not have to make physical copies.

Music festivals are the best way to attract fans and promote events. Unlike traditional concerts, music festivals are largely free to attend. In addition to ticket sales, music festivals also generate revenue by selling merchandise and food and beverage. In April 2016, Coachella music festival alone brought in more than $704 million in ticket sales and contributed to the local economy. With so many ways to listen to music, it’s easy to see why music festivals have become so popular.

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