Throwback to Moon Boots spinning ‘Keep The Faith’ at Printworks London 🔙🔥

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Moon Boots serves up ‘First Landing’ – an ambitious 10 track LP showcasing his impressive range as a producer, seamlessly blending classic US house sounds with funk and soul influences, expansive electronica, sun-kissed R&B and moody dancefloor energy.

Featuring seven collaborators, including notable guest appearances from Fiora, Lulu James and Janelle Kroll, the album also sees Dougherty working with fresh talent in King Kona, Nic Hanson and Black Gatsby.

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Since the first recordings, music has become an integral part of our lives. Music is more than just entertainment; it is also an art form and a vital medium of cultural exchange. Today, music has become a multibillion-dollar industry, encompassing all aspects of the music business, including music production, distribution, publishing, live concerts, and album sales. Streaming services have become the primary means of listening to music, accounting for a huge chunk of the industry’s revenue. However, physical music sales are declining, as streaming services like Spotify are capturing a huge share of the market.

Early LA bands carved out their own niche in the music scene, beginning with the Paisley Underground. Later, the hardrock movement would emerge, with bands like Guns N’ Roses finding their roots in Los Angeles. The genre eventually merged with elements of pop, jazz, and classical music to create alternative rock, which has become one of the most popular music genres today. Some well-known examples include Linkin Park, Tool, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

While Thalia was always interested in music, her natural vocal abilities far outstripped her age. She sang with her sister Bianca and wrote her own original songs, which she recorded with a Rochester recording studio. The studio was home to many world-renowned artists, including John Mayall and The Beatles. However, she had to step back from singing for the sake of her health, and refocused her attention on her studies. She has since become a bestselling author and songwriter.

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