Tinlicker feat Nathan Nicholson – Always Will (Mees Salomé Remix)

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Anjunadeep is excited to release ’In Another Lifetime (Remixed)’, a thrilling reimagining of Tinlicker’s celebrated album ‘In Another Lifetime’. The compilation features four brand new reinterpreations from the likes of Joseph Ray, Black Sun Empire, Malibu, and Mees Salomé, alongside acclaimed remixes from Reinier Zonneveld and Helsloot.

A masterful combination of driving percussion, considered synth design, and hypnotic vocals, ‘In Another Lifetime’ has accrued over 22 million streams and garnered support from the likes of Diplo, Pete Tong, Lane 8, Kevin De Vries, and Edu Imbernon to name a few. Tracks off the album have been playlisted at SiriusXM and Kiss Dance, and championed on BBC R1.

Release date: 29th July 2022

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