Tony McGuinness spinning Integral Bread’s ‘Quantum Love’ at Anjunadeep Explorations 🏝🍞 #Shorts

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Handpicked by Tony, the EP features music from Milan’s Nohan, Argentinian producers Ramiro Drisdale and Mauro Auguliaro, Spain’s Integral Bread and RIGOONI, who some of you may have caught at Anjunadeep São Paulo earlier this year.

Release date: 04 November 2022

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Facts About Music Festivals

Music has been an integral part of human culture for millennia. Regardless of its history, people have acknowledged its importance for evoking emotion. Nietzsche, for example, claimed that music is the most essential form of art. Yet the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus did not believe in the need for music. This attitude persists today, although it has begun to weaken with a better understanding of play and its psychological aspects.

Music festivals are an important source of revenue for local economies. In 2014, North American corporations spent $1.5 billion on sponsorship of music events. The five largest music festivals in the United States generated $183 million in ticket sales alone – this doesn’t include merchandise, sponsorships, and food and beverage sales. In 2016, Coachella alone generated $704 million in ticket sales, contributing $106 million to local economies.

Throughout the ages, philosophers and religious figures have been critical of music. While they have not endorsed any one type of music over another, most thinkers have acknowledged that music has an important role in the human condition. For instance, the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plotinus both considered music to be a form of art, though their definition of music is less certain. While these two philosophers had largely different views of the value of music, they both agreed that the power of music to express feelings is undeniable.

As music is an integral part of human culture, it is used in almost every human society. It is a powerful tool in rituals, drama, and advertising, and lends itself to alliances with words and physical movement. In addition to its ability to express emotion, music has been exploited for its ability to reflect human emotions.

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