Warung – Return To A Place Called Heaven (Cinematic Mix)

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‘Return To A Place Called Heaven’ is the next EP from Boston-based duo Warung. Making their Anjunadeep debut in 2021 with their remix of Nox Vahn’s thundering hit ‘Brainwasher’, the duo since released their four-track EP ‘Sinuous’ on the label which gained support from Gorgon City, Eelke Kleijn and Nick Warren.

First heard on Anjunadeep 13, ‘Division’ opens the EP leading with cascading synths whilst Warung’s second Anjunadeep 13 feature ‘Return To Place Called Home’ leads with a cinematic down-tempo intro. ‘Luminescence’ features a warm vocal sampler whilst EP closer ‘Want Me Want You’ leads with percussive-laden grooves and a male vocal. Warung’s latest showcases the duo’s chemistry as producers, and follows recent releases on labels including Colorize, W&O Street Records and Yoshitoshi records.

Release Date: 26th May 2022

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