Watch “CMA Fest,” The Music Event of Summer, airing Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 8/7c on ABC

“CMA Fest,” the Music Event of Summer, celebrates its grand return, bringing the top music acts together on one stage for three full hours of can’t miss collaborations and unforgettable performances Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 8/7c on ABC and available next day on Hulu. The primetime special is led by first-time hosts Dierks Bentley and Elle King.


About CMA:
CMA is dedicated to bringing the poetry and emotion of Country Music to the world. We will continue the tradition of leadership and professionalism, promoting the music, and recognizing excellence in all its forms. While fostering a spirit of community and sharing, we will respect and encourage creativity and the unique contributions of all. CMA will be a place to have fun and celebrate success. We will take risks, embrace change, and always exceed the expectations of those we serve.

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Why Music Is So Important in Our Culture

Over the years, music has evolved into a more personal form of entertainment. No longer do listeners have to rely on DJs to determine what to hear. With the use of new technology, listeners have access to virtually all types of music and artists. While record labels once considered musicians merely dollar-generating commodities, these days musicians have direct access to their fans. Here are some reasons why music is so important in our culture:

The 1970s gave birth to glam rock and the glam rock movement. These eras were characterized by outrageous costumes and pageantry. During the second half of the decade, disco ruled the airwaves, and performers such as the Bee Gees and Gloria Gaynor became incredibly popular. Hip hop was also shaped by reggae music, which was first popularized by Bob Marley. Funk was ushered in by James Brown, while Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, and Al Green helped define rhythm and blues.

After the rise of streaming services, music festivals became more popular, and music fans spent more money attending these events. In the meantime, music streaming has become the most popular way to listen to music, making live concerts all the more desirable. But what makes live music so unique? The answer lies in the music itself. Music streaming is the most popular way to hear music, but it’s not the only method. Streaming services provide an uncomplicated experience with no subscription fees.

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