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Facts About Genres in the Music Industry

There are many genres within the music industry. Rock and roll is a common genre that began in the 1940s and evolved over time. Generally, rock and roll bands include electric guitars, bass, and lead vocalists. Songs in this genre are fast-paced and have an upbeat feel. The genre also features bands with a strong stage presence and a wide range of musical influences. Founded in Los Angeles, early rock bands left a legacy on the Sunset Strip. In the 1970s, punk rock took hold, with groups such as X, Black Flag, and the Germs.

In the early nineteenth century, a number of amateur music competitions were held around the world. Many of these competitions were judged by prominent figures. The Pythian Games held in Delphi, Greece, featured music competitions in the sixth century. Later in the 12th century, the eisteddfod was established in Wales. In the 20th century, amateur musical competitions became more common, with large scale events.

Music festivals have been a great economic booster for communities. In fact, in 2014, North American corporations spent $1.5 billion on sponsorships of music festivals. Those sponsorships generated approximately $183 million in ticket sales alone – and this does not include food and drink sales. Coachella, a popular music festival in California, generated over $704 million in ticket sales and benefited the local economy by an additional $106 million.

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